About us

NIKOPLAST LTD was founded in 1989 in Nicosia, Cyprus. Starting with enthusiasm and the sole purpose of creating innovative products for better customer service, the company gave initially focus on designing and manufacturing plastic thermoforming products for the food industry in Cyprus.

In 1994, following the needs of its customers in Cyprus market, NIKOPLAST LTD added to its production, the transparent plastic boxes and cylinders for packaging confectionery products, lingerie, wedding favors and cosmetics.

In 2004 the company moved into new upgraded owned buildings in the Dali Industrial Zone (offices, warehouse, production lines).

In 2007, NIKOPLAST LTD enriched the range of its products by importing specialized disposable food products, addressed mainly to restaurants, cafes, bakeries and confectioneries.

The hard work, the team spirit, the highly trained staff, the direct, fast and after-sales service along with our high quality products established our company among the biggest companies in Cyprus.

Our goal and center of all our efforts are the substantial coverage and service to our customers' needs by providing diverse, innovative and pioneering food packaging, constantly following the technological upgrades and developments.

NIKOPLAST LTD is able to give ideas, to design and produce special products customized in partnership with clients, emphasizing on the final product, analyzing the market and creating a quality, functional and aesthetic food packaging so as to highlight the special character of each product. It offers flexibility in design, mold making, direct provision of samples, setting competitive prices and provide fast, direct and reliable service.

The company constantly expands its product range with new and innovative food packaging items following the developments of technology and market-driven always the requirements of its customers.